Buffalo hunting

Hunting Buffalo in Southafrica, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Argentina and Australia

Hunting buffalo, one of the representatives of the Big Five, is possible in most countries in southern Africa. The individual countries differ in terms of trophy size, camp facilities, trophy fees and type of hunt. The camps range from tented camps with spacious safari tents and brick-built onsuite showers to luxurious lodges that leave nothing to be desired.
In Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique, buffalo are generally hunted in free range areas, where buffalos are either tracked or stalked if spotted on a game drive. In South Africa, hunting takes place in large fenced areas ranging from 4000ha to over 30000ha. The hunting style is similar to Zimbabwe, so that hunting is also done on the trail. Depending on the condition of the hunter, the hunt can be adapted so that buffalo can be watched from higher ground and then stalked accordingly.

Trophy sizes and areas

In terms of trophy sizes, good to very good trophies can be expected in all areas. In Zimbabwe there are sometimes mixed herds of up to 600 buffalo in the areas, in South Africa there are smaller herds of 3-10 or slightly more buffalo bulls. In addition to the former mentioned hunting countries, we also have options in Tanzania, which offers slightly higher prices for buffalo and various antelopes that can only be hunted here. Every year we have several clients in Africa and other countries for buffalo and we can proudly say that we have had a 100% quota in shooting so far. Our partners are very experienced big game hunters and have been leaders in their field for years, so you will be delighted with both the trophy quality and the hunting.

Zimbabwe Buffalo / Simbabwe Bueffel
Australia buffalo/ Australien Bueffel

Buffalo options outside Africa

In addition to the well-known Cape buffalo in Africa, we also have very good options for water buffalo in Australia as well as Argentina. In Australia we hunt in an area close to Darwin in the Northern Territory, which has an excellent population of water buffalo. In Argentina we hunt in areas in the Buenos aires and La Pampa province for water buffalo. In Canada/Alberta we also offer hunting for the American buffalo, the bison, which is mainly hunted in winter.

Weapon and Caliber

As buffalos in general are very tough it is highly adviced to shoot bigger calibers. The minimum allowed caliber in nearly all countries is 375 H&H. A ground rule is to use the biggest caliber you can still shoot comfortable without beeing afraid of the recoil. Many hunters in Africa use 416 rem mag or 416 rigby or 458 lot but also bigger calibers like 500 NE.

For buffalo hunting the right caliber is important but even more also the right shot placement plus a proper bullet. Too soft bullets might not penetrate to much a very often used and good working bullet is e.g. Swift A-Frame.

weapon / waffen

Hunting countries for each buffalo type

Cape buffalo

We currently offer hunting for Cape buffalo in South Africa, e.g. in Zululand, Limpopo/Thabazimbi, Freestate, Northwest and Northern Cape, other areas are available on request. In Zimbabwe we hunt in Zambesy Valley, Savey Conservancy and Deka area. We also have areas in Tanzania that we can arrange for you.
Please contact us if you are interested.

Southafrica Buffalo / Suedafrika Bueffel

Australian Water Buffalo

In Australia nwe can offer the Water buffalo hunting in Arnheim plains on the northern area. To reach the area you would fly into Darwin. Water buffalo are very tough so you need strong caliber.


Australia buffalo/ Australien Bueffel
Argeentina water buffalo / Argentinien Wasserbueffel

Southamerican water buffalo

In Argentina we can offer the hunt for south american water buffalo. These hunts can be combined wiuth other species like black buck, red stag or Axis deer.

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt and hunting on Buffalo, please contact us via email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.