Hunting in Germany


Single hunt on trophy game

Who does not dream of shooting a good deer or moufflon? Many people think of Eastern Europe like Poland, Hungary, … which on the one hand leads to a longer journey and on the other hand partly to language barriers. However, it is also possible to take the appropriate trophies in Germany. This region in Germany looks back on a long hunting history.

Bavaria, with its rich natural scenery, is a hunter's paradise, and the Bavarian Forest is a particularly fascinating hunting area. Here in this region of Germany hunters can experience the diversity of local game species, including the impressive moufflon, the elegant roe deer and the majestic fallow deer. This region in Germany extends over vast areas of dense forests and rolling hills, making it an ideal habitat for the mouflon.

The deer, with its graceful appearance, roams the forests and meadows of the region. Hunting deer requires precision and finesse as these animals are often challenging due to their shy nature.

Another impressive wild animal in this environment in Germany is the fallow deer, which impresses with its majestic antlers. Hunting fallow deer is a challenging undertaking that is an exciting experience not only because of the size of these animals but also because of their clever and alert nature. The hunters can go stalking and try to get close to the fallow deer in its natural environment.

The challenge is to blend into the natural environment of these animals and understand their habits. The hunters have the opportunity to test their skills in the varied landscapes of the Bavarian Forest - be it on steep slopes, in dense forests or in open clearings.

Overall, this hunting trip offers something for ambitious hunters and will leave lasting memories of this hunt in Germany.

Hunting approach

In our area you will hunt from high seats which are located at the edge of the forest. This minimizes the disturbance of the game. The hunt takes place within a fenced area with a hunting guide who will be with you during the whole hunt and helps toevaluate the game to make sure you shoot you animal in accordance to the previously agreed shooting classes. Beside the trophy hunt in the fenced area we also have the option to offer you the hunt for wildboar outside the fenced area. Here you can sit on your own without guide.

Hunting ground

We offer the possibility of this stag hunting in a natural large gate (about 80ha) to which largely consists of pure forest with some edge meadows. The area provides an ideal habitat for red, dam and sika deer. In it we can offer the hunt on all domestic hoofed game such as roe deer, red deer and fallow deer but also on muffle rams or exotics like sika deer. In addition wild boar and roe deer can also be hunted in the adjacent leased hunting grounds.


The accommodation takes place in a beautifully situated guesthouse with restaurant. Here you will experience culinary delights and the Bavarian cosiness in its most beautiful form. The unique landscape makes this holiday a wonderful experience. The Bavarian Forest offers a variety of recreational activities that can be combined with the hunt. In addition to hiking or cycling, you can also visit one of the glass villages or make a trip to the nearby Donau river.

The hunting success rate is relatively high, but due to the size of the fenced area, this can not be guaranteed. Below you will find current offers, in case you are interested or have a requests for hunting trips in Germany please contact us.

Current offers Hunting until 31.January

3 days half board+trophyhunt of a muffle ram about 50 cm

Complete price including guide shooting and accommodation half board 1350 Eur

3 days deer hunting with haöf boarded accomodation in the Bavarian Forest

Complete price including guide, killing of a red stag up to 5kg antler weight and accommodation  half board 3250 Eur

3 days fallow deer with halfboarded accomodation in the Bavarian Forest

Complete price incl. Guide, firing of a fallow deer up to 2,5kg antler weight and accommodation  half board 1750 Eur

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt and hunting in Germay, please contact us via email or contact form.