Passion for you hunting

As a passionate hunter and conservationist, I use every opportunity to be in nature and either work in the hunting area with my dog or to hunt with friends around the world. Over the past few years, I have traveled to many countries, building many friendships and partnerships. Each country and region has its own charm, whether the vast virgin wilderness of Canada, the forests of Europe or the steppes and savannahs of Africa. Here I fill up with new energy for everyday life and enjoy the seclusion of the everyday stress surrounding us every day. During the hunt, it is important for me that this is carried out sustainably and that the local population and the animal world also benefits from the hunt. I honor this principle in my private hunts as well as in all hunts I organize for clients. In addition to the hunting success, the experience is in the foreground, this is what makes us thinking back on the hunt long after the hunt happened and we are back from the trip.


30 countries on offer

We now have more than 30 countries on offer and I traveled the vast majority of them myself, so we can help with advice and support and describe exactly what you can expect on the ground, on the other hand, we also know the procedures and rules which you have to consider in the respective regions. For us, the motto “Passion for Hunting” is not just a phrase but we live it day in, day out, in Germany and around the world.

Should you have any questions about one of our hunting countries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we can give you detailed information about the corresponding hunt.

More information about me you can also find on my detail page: Get to know Dirk Fabrig

Hunting shows participation

We are also personally available for you on the 2 biggest hunting shows in Germany the Jagd&Hund in Dortmund as well as Hohejagd in Salzburg.