Hunting in Australia

Northern Territory


We offer Hunting in Australia with our partner in the Arnheim Plato. The reserve is an ideal habitat for large animal and plant life and various wildlife and is located in the Northern Territory region. A perfect spot for a successful hunt in Australia. Our partner offers some of Australia’s best hunts, including water buffalo hunts, Banteng and wild boar hunting hunts in their area.

Water buffalo hunt

The game reserve has a very high number of buffaloes for the hunt. The Australian buffaloes are very bullet-hard and comparable to the African cape buffalo, if not even harder. The recommended minimum caliber is 338 Win Mag. The buffalo hunt is carried out with the help of SUVs or ATVs, either fresh tracks are found crossing the street or you can see single bulls standing in the plane. After the buffalo is spotted, he is stalked on foot to get a better look. The shooting distance varies from 20 meters in the thick bush to 100 meters in the open planes.
The horns of a full-grown bull measure from tip to toe 95-105cm, with a length of 68-90cm per horn. The weight of a water buffalo is usually 700 to 800kg with exceptions of up to 1000kg.

Australia water buffalo / Australien Wasserbueffel

Wild boar hunting

Our Partner has also Wildboar hunting opportunities but currently these are under negotiation so cannot hunt this year. The hunts can be done very well as a supplement to the buffalo hunts.
The grassy plains are ideal habitats for the wild boar, which also weights of up to 140kg. The hunt is usually done early in the morning and late at night. The tusk length of the boar is exceptionally good and ranges from 15cm-25cm, the strongest hunted boar to date had 30cm (2005)!


The accommodations is in a Camp near the hunting area. The on-site chef prepares meals including local venison, prime Australian beef steaks and Barramundi fish fillets. This good cuisine means that the hunter always goes into the hunt feeling strengthened in Australia.
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Rental weapon

We have rental weapons in the camp with minimum caliber 375 H&H which is mandatory for Buffalo.
If you want to bring your own weapon, we will help you with import permits. So nothing stands in the way for a successful a hunt in Australia with your own weapon.

Transport to the hunting area

Transport for this hunting trip can take place both by road and by air charter. You will be picked up at the airport upon arrival or by the hotel. The journey takes about 3-4 hours from Darwin to the hunting area. If you are interested, a propeller machine can be chartered for an additional fee, then the journey time will be shortened to 45 minutes.
Australia water buffalo / Australien Wasserbueffel
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Hunting season

There is a year-round hunting season and the best time is from the end of April to the end of November for a hunt. The best climate is from May to September during this time it is usually dry with a very low rain probability. Temperatures vary from 14 degrees at night to 32 degrees during the midday sun. The Australian summers are hotter and wetter.

Hunting arrangement

5 days all-inclusive package Buffalo Safari

Not included in the price

Booking fee 150 Eur
Flight to Darwin
Trophies shipping
Personal expenses
more kills
buffalo bull
Wild boar
Scrub bull

Included in the price:

5 hunting days
Accommodation, food and drinks, all inclusive
1 trophy buffalo bull
1 non trophy bulls
Lending weapon and ammunition
All transfers from Darwin to Hunting Area and back
Skinning, salting and drying the capes if desired
Trophy preparation and packaging

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt in Australia, please contact us via Email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.