Hunting in Namibia


Namibia is the perfect beginner country for hunting trips to Africa. The former “German Southwest Africa” offers original nature and a diverse and stable wildlife. Especially for hunting antelopes and warthogs it offers excellent hunting opportunities. There are also good stocks of cheetah and leopard, as well as the caprivi stripes in the north offers lion, buffalo and elephant.

Namibia, with its impressive desert landscape, diverse wildlife and rich cultural diversity, is a country where hunting embodies a unique tradition. Hunting in Namibia is not only a legacy of closeness to nature and cultural values, but also a model for sustainable nature conservation.

Namibia has developed into a major hunting tourism destination. Hunters from all over the world travel to the country to experience the unique wildlife while contributing to conservation. The income from hunting tourism flows into local communities and conservation projects, underlining the value of hunting as a sustainable source of income.

Overall, the hunting tradition in Namibia embodies a unique synthesis of nature conservation, ethical principles and cultural values. The country sets an inspiring example of a sustainable approach to hunting that not only protects wildlife, but also secures the livelihoods of local communities.

Hunting areas in Namibia

We arrange the hunt to 3 different partners in different farm areas in 3 conservancies. The Conservancys include various hunting farms, so that their hunting is not limited to the respective main farm but during a stay different farms with mostly different landscapes can be visited.

All 3 farms are run by German-speaking owners and the professional hunters are English/German-speaking and experienced guides. The hunt takes place mainly as a footstep hunt following a game drive with the hunting vehicle.

The stalking is combined with sitting at waterholes around lunchtime or, depending on the wishes of the guest, morning and evening can be sit and hunted at waterholes too. At the request of the hunting guest hunting can also be done mainly by driving.

Landscape in Namibia:

Namibia offers a variety of landscape forms from pure desert over steppe and thorn bush as well as the water-rich Caprivistreifen. The landscape consists of Mashete, camel thorn and other bushes and is partially crossed by rocks and mountains. Depending on the desired game species, the farms and landscape can be very different, as some species such as Burchnell Zebras like more open areas, Damara Dikdik or mountain zebra, however, have their debut only in hilly / mountainous terrain. In addition depending on the license availability, predators such as leopard or cheetah can be hunted in addition to antelopes.

Depending on the landscape, the diversity of species and wildlife also changes, with the areas north of Windhoek, due to their denser vegetation, being considered as particularly rich in wildlife. In addition to hunting, Namibia offers many attractions and histroric cities that still give a hint of the German colonial era.

Bowhunting in Namibia:

The farm in the northeast has specialized in bow hunting as well as pure rifle hunting. Here they still work with the local Sen as a tracker. Due to this specialization and the experience of the professional hunter you have good chances to kill your desired game with the bow.

Accommodation in Namibia:

The accommodation is either in small 2 bed chalais with private bath or in own 2 bed rooms with shower depending on the farm. The food is served in the main building, depending on the season, you can get a cooling in the existing pool. Our partners excellent cuisine spoils you with a variety of local dishes, where in particular the different game types are offered and it is addressed to the needs of the hunting guest.

Climate in Namibia:

In Namibia, there is an extremely dry and hot climate with more than 300 sunny days per year. The temperatures in the summer months of September to April vary from 25 to 39 ° C. On the other hand, the winter months, also offer cold mornings and nights, which, however, are usually quickly forgotten when the sun rises. The rainy season is between November and March.

Tourism options in Namibia:

In addition to hunting, day trips to various sights such as the Etosha National Park, the Vigerclip or more can be planned at the farms. More over the southern farm offers the possibility to visit Windhoek or other 1-day tours. However the corresponding tourism options are individually tailored to the needs of the customer. For multi-day tours this can be organized with lodge overnight or in the form of camping. In conclusion if you are interested in touristic contact us, as all tours are individual, the prices are on request.

Included in the price:

Transfer from / to Windhoek Airport Hunting guide, food and accommodation soft drinks Transport during the hunt and on the farms
Basic supply of trophies English/German-speaking hunting guide

Not included

Processing fee 120 Eur Alcoholic drink gratuities Flight costs to Windhoek (ca.900Eur) Packing and shipping of the trophies as well as possibly required CITES documents

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt and hunting in Namibia, please contact us via email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.