Hunting in Macedonia


Hunting in Macedonia, a country in the south-central Balkans. It borders Kosovo and Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west. The capital is Skopje. Since September 2010 and for the next 20 years our partner has been hunting in the hunting area “Nidze” and since January 2016 he has an additional concession in the hunting area Stogovo, a natural freerange area for chamois. In Nidze hunting can be organized in the wild or in the fenced area. We breed: fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, maned sheep, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, Himalayan tahr, four-horned sheep and racka sheep. Brown bear and wolf can be hunted freerange here.

Hunting in Macedonia also has a strong social dimension. Joint hunting trips promote cohesion within communities, strengthen relationships between hunters and help preserve traditions. Hospitality towards hunting guests is another feature of the Macedonian hunting tradition, which emphasizes the joy of sharing experiences and making new acquaintances.

Overall, the hunting tradition in Macedonia is an important part of the cultural heritage that combines respect for nature and the preservation of traditions. The love of hunting, care for the environment and social cohesion make the Macedonian hunting tradition a unique and valuable element of national identity.

Hunting areas

The Nidze hunting area is located in the southwestern part of Macedonia in the Mariovo region. The total area is 22,000 ha, of which 500 ha is fenced. The Stogovo hunting ground is located in the north-western part of Macedonia on the border with Albania on a total area of 27,000 ha. The presence of various types of forests provides natural protection for the game.

Hunting season:

Chamois is from August 1 to December 31.
Roe deer from 1 May to 31 October
Partridge from 11 Obtoker to 15 December
Wolf, maned sheep, fallow deer, racka sheep, red deer and mouflon can be hunted all year round
Croatia wildboar / Kroatien Wildschwein

Game species

roebuck, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, maned sheep, mouflon, wild boar, multi-horn sheep, chamois and wolf


The hunting area “Nidze” has 3 accommodation possibilities. All 3 facilities are intended for accommodation of hunters and lovers of mountain and rural tourism. In the Stogovo hunting area we use either the Hotel Kalin or the Motel Topila.


Macedonia’s climate is strongly influenced by its central location in the southern Balkans. Inland, Macedonia has a moderate continental climate in the east, with cold, fairly humid winters and hot, dry summers. Spring is usually colder than the autumn months from September to October. Due to the strongly fluctuating altitudes, the temperatures also fluctuate considerably. The highest summer temperatures are reached in the north and north-east. In contrast, the west of Macedonia, on the border with Albania, is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean. The summers here are also long and dry, but the winters are comparatively mild and rainy. In high summer, the average maximum temperatures are around 25 degrees, maximum values of 40 degrees are more often reached or even exceeded.

In contrast, the average January temperatures are at quite mild three degrees. The driest region of Macedonia can be found in the northwest at the border to Albania. In the mountainous regions with numerous peaks beyond 2,500 metres, the climate is rougher. Here a lot of snow falls in winter at low temperatures, this is expected from November to April. In summer the altitudes are comparatively short and cool.

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