Hunting in Zambia


Hunting in Zambia a vast country that lies between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. It is known for its freerange hunting, with vast areas of land providing excellent habitats for game and for controlled hunting near national parks.

Nestled in the heart of Africa, Zambia boasts some of the continent's most pristine and diverse landscapes, making it a premier destination for discerning hunters seeking an authentic safari experience.

One of the highlights of hunting in Zambia is the opportunity to explore a variety of ecosystems, from lush riverine forests and open savannas to dense woodlands and vast floodplains. As you traverse these landscapes, you'll not only encounter a diverse array of game but also immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of Zambia's wilderness areas.

In addition to exceptional hunting opportunities, Zambia offers a range of cultural and recreational activities to enjoy during your safari. Explore vibrant local markets, visit traditional villages, or embark on a thrilling wildlife viewing adventure in renowned national parks such as South Luangwa and Kafue.

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Hunting areas in Zambia

The areas of our partner for hunting in Zambia are mainly along the Zambezi River and the steep coast, at the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi River. The vegetation is typical Mopani forest and dense Jesse bush. The area is mountainous and hunting is challenging and very exciting. We also have access to other prime areas within Zambia including South Luangwa, Bangweulu Swamps and Kafue GMA’s. Our hunting safaris are led by Steven Rufus who has both a wealth of experience and a passion for the African bush. Steven is committed to both ethical hunting and ensuring that the client’s needs are met on every safari.


Hunting takes place either as a classic tent safari depending on the hunting area, the large safari tents are superbly equipped or in permanent chalets in the hunting area. Almost all camps are equipped with WiFi so that hunters can stay in contact with their families.

Lion and leopardhunt:

These are bait hunts where you have to hunt a number of species – usually a hippo, a buffalo or a zebra – as bait, all of which can be shot under the same licence. Tracking cameras are used to identify and select the lions and leopard trophies you want to hunt, and Zambia has very strict laws regarding the age of trophies that can be hunted.

Buffalo hunting in Zambia:

There are beautiful large herds of buffalo in the concession areas, especially in the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys. Hunting for these animals is done in the classic way, by searching for tracks and following the selected animals (in sometimes dense bush) to their resting places during the midday heat. Smaller groups of bulls are the main target and the success rate in finding the trophy desired by the client is much higher.

Hippo, crocodile and small game hunts:

With amazing rivers in most concessions, these hunts are very popular and always successful in delivering trophies of the highest quality.

Elephant hunting:

Like buffalo, these are track hunts that can be physically demanding and are therefore recommended for those who are able to do so. Using the hunting vehicle to get to a suitable area, then on foot to reach a good shooting position. Again, Zambia has laws that ensure that no ivory animals under 40 pounds may be hunted.

Elephant hunting / Elefantenjagd
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Zambia has an alternating humid tropical climate which is relatively mild due to the country’s altitude.
Three seasons can be distinguished in Zambia: The cool dry season with pleasant daytime temperatures around 23°C is from May to August. The night temperature drops to about 6 °C. This period is usually very sunny. The hot dry season from September to November brings daytime temperatures between 24 and 32°C. In the south from December to April and in the north from October to April there is a sultry rainy season with temperature fluctuations between 27 and 38 °C. It gets especially hot in the regions along the Luangwa and the Zambezi River. In the north of the country there is about 1,500 mm of precipitation per year, whereas in the south there is only 600 – 850 mm of annual precipitation.

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