Hunting in Alaska


Our partner has different hunting areas in Alaska depending on the game species you want to hunt. All camps are served from Anchorage, in Alaska, by plane. In addition to hunting, our partner also offers fishing in Alaska.

Brown bear hunt on the Alaska peninsula

In the areas of our partner on the peninsula clients every year bring down very good brown bear trophies. Here in Alaska it is possible to shoot a world record bear. The area has a very high density of bears if not the highest in Alaska. The areas are carefully managed to maintain the trophy quality and popolation.


For every hunt, an airplane, boat or Argoquad is available for hunting and radios and satellite telephones for emergencies. The equipment is up to date and allows a comfortable and safe hunt. In the months before the hunt, the hunter receives detailed descriptions of his hunting.
Alaska brown bear / Braunbaer

Hunting season

The spring season takes place in even years (2016, 2018, …) and is in May (10-21 May or 19 May-1 June) with 8 hunting days each. In odd years (2015,2017, …) the autumn hunt takes place which extends from 29th September to 9th October (8 hunting days) or from 8th October to 20th October (10 hunting days).
The bear hunt can also be combined with fishing at the lodge on Lake Clark or on the peninsula for the autumn hunt. Wolf and birds are also available on the peninsula.

hunting season

The hunting season for moose in Alaska is in September (for example 3rd to 17th September)

Moose hunting in Alaska

For moose hunting, our partner owns camps in southwest Alaska and on the Alaska peninsula. The average trophy strength is between 60 and 70 inches, with an moose of up to 77 inches seen. At the moose hunt you first fly into the basecamp in Alaska, from where you continue with the ArgoQuad, airplane or boat into the spikecamps. During the hunts in Alaska, the wishes of the customer are met so that some hunts can be offered by boat or ArgoQuad as well as in heated cabins instead of spike camps with tents.
During moose hunting, observer can also stay overnight at Stonewood Lodge, Lake Clark and engage in a variety of outdoor activities or fishing. In addition to freshwater fishing on Lake Clark, we also have opportunities to fish for saltwater fish in one of our camps.

Alaska Moose / Elch
Alaska Dallsheep / Dallschaf

Dall sheep hunting on the Brooks and Alaska Range

Every year in August and September our partner carries out the Dall sheep hunt in Alaska. These hunts can be ideally combined with brown bear and Caribou. Every year my partner gets a certain number of tags / licenses for the Dall sheep hunt without having to take part in the lottery as it is sometimes necessary in other regions.

Hunting Seasons

Alaska range: August 24th – September 2nd
Brooks Range: 8.-16. August and 16.-23. August


The arrival in the hunting area takes place by scheduled flight to Anchorage. Condor offers direct flights at some times, then it goes by floatplane or a Cessna7super Cub further into the camp. The normal arrival is directly from Anchorage with a Cessna to the camp. There is also a stopover for a night at Stonewood Lodge on Lake Clark. Accompanying persons are also welcome in Alaska, while hunting they can stay at Stonewood Lodge.

Included in the package:

Kills according to offer Equipment like boats, AgroQuad, Accommodation in Spikecamp or Maincamp Meals in the main Spikecamp Hunting guide 1: 1
Alaska Stonewoodlodge

Not included

Return flight to / from Anchorage (eg Condor from Frankfurt) Approx. 1300 Eur
Return flight to Anchorage camp (about 1850 USD)
Weapon import or loan weapon
Alcoholic drinks
personal expenses
Packing and shipping of the trophies as well as possibly required CITES
Travel insurance (resignation, health insurance, …)
Hotel accommodation before / after the hunt in Anchorage

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt in Alaska, please contact us via Email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.