Hunting in Finland


In Finland, we provide game hunting for moose and whitetail deer. The moose hunt takes place here as a drivehunt with the moose dog in the region around Joensuu and the Whitetail hunting close to Tampere.

The Tampere region in the southern part of Finland is known for its stunning scenery and is home to a healthy population of white-tailed deer. These elegant animals, with their impressive antlers, roam the region's dense forests and open fields. Hunting white-tailed deer requires not only skill and precision, but also a deep connection with nature. The male white-tailed deer can weigh up to 68kg and reach a shoulder height of up to 120cm. The female game builds up a weight of up to 45kg. The forests around Tampere offer ideal conditions for this hunt, with numerous hiding places and vantage points. The hunters have the opportunity to test their skills in an environment characterized by the beauty of Finnish nature. Encountering a majestic white-tailed deer in its natural environment is an unforgettable experience and reflects the magic of Finnish hunting.

Savonranta, located in eastern Finland, is another hunter's paradise, especially those fascinated by the imposing size of the moose. Elk hunting in this region is a challenging and exciting endeavor. The majestic animals roam the forests and swamps, offering hunters a unique opportunity to experience Finland's wilderness up close.
Elk hunting requires not only patience and endurance, but also a good knowledge of the terrain. Savonranta's dense forests and diverse topography provide elk with numerous hiding places, making hunting a challenging and exciting experience. The sight of an imposing elk through the trees is an impressive image that makes every hunter's heart beat faster.

Hunting in Finland not only offers the opportunity to hunt fascinating wild animals, but also a journey through untouched nature and breathtaking landscapes. Whether it's the grace of the white-tailed deer in Tampere or the majestic presence of the elk in Savonranta, Finland is a dream destination for hunters who love the beauty of nature and the challenge of hunting.

hunting areas

The hunt for moose takes place in Savoranta and other surrounding areas and is accessible via the airport Joensuu. There are several areas in the Tampere region for the Whitetail Deer hunting. If you need help planning your journey, we are of course available.

Wild species and hunting opportunities

White-tailed deer hunting in Finland

For groups of 3-6 hunters the hunting is possible on white-tailed deer. The hunt consists of 5 days / 3 hunting days incl accommodation with full board. The white-tailed deer hunt takes place during the day as a driving hunt, which is combined morning and evening with Ansitz at suitable places.

Moose hunting in Finland

For groups of 2-max.6 hunters we offer the possibility of hunting moose. The hunt consists of 7 days / 5 hunting days including accommodation and full board. Elk hunting is offered in areas near Joensuu, Ramtasalmi and Savoranta. The hunt for moose takes place as a hunt with the elk dog, in which the hunters are integrated into the Finnish hunting groups.

hunting season

Moose 27.9.-30.11.

hunting season

Whitetail Deer 1.11.-31.1

Included in the price for Finland:

Accommodation, full board and mostly sauna
Finnish hunting license
Hunting and leadership
Transfer in the hunting area

Not included in the price:

Processing fee 120Eur
Airport transfer (included at Elch in Ramtasalmi / Joensuu area and Savoranta)
Trophy preparation and shipping
trophy fees

If you have questions or are interested in an offer of hunting hunting and hunt in Finland, please contact us via email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.