Hunting in the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic we offer both small game hunts and big game hunts. Our partner is based in the small town of Klatovy near the German border – 40 km north of the border crossing Bayerisch Eisenstein and has been operating as a hunting organizer in the Czech Republic since 1991. The hunting areas are both leased and owned by usneres and are located mainly in the western part of the Czech Republic, but at most 100 km from the German border.

Hunting regulations Czech Republic

For hunting in the Czech Republic you need a Czech hunting license (please bring your own valid hunting license from your country too) and a hunting liability insurance from the Czech Insurance Office. Both are organized by our partner for you.

Export of trophies

The trophies for game caught in the Czech Republic may be imported into EU without any problems. Traceability can be required by the EU authorities at any time, e.g. the hunter must be able to prove where the game was killed. This is the hunting protocol which is created at the end of the hunt.
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Hunting season: 16.10. – 31.1.
Available options:
Hunting: 6 – 15 hunters with the route expectation min. 200 pieces
Buschierjagd: 3 – 12 hunters

Small game hunting

Our partner has been dedicated to small game hunting for years and organizes hunts for pheasants, royal pheasants, wild turkeys and red chickens. All the hunts take place in the hunting area Kakov. Our hunting area with a size of 600ha is located on the edge of the Planice ridge, about 40 km from the city of Pilsen, near the small town Nepomuk between the villages Polanka and Pohori. The hunting area consists of various terrain forms with hills and alternating Ackerbai such as corn and forests.

Hunting program pheasant example

7.30 am Breakfast 8.00 departure to the area 8.30 Opening of the hunt, until 12 o’clock several drives – the hunters suround the hunting area and beaters and dogs go through the area. 12.00 lunch, then continuation of the hunt In the late afternoon hours we present the killed animals in traditinal way and finish the hunt.

Included in the daily rate

Hunting support, transport in the area Drivers, dogs and dog handlers
2 pieces of venison from the range Meals during the day (lunch, dinner including soft drinks).

King pheasant

Hunting season: 15.2. – 15.3.

Included in the price

a hunting day, organization of the hunt King pheasant including venison for preparation one night, food incl. soft drinks Czech hunting license, hunting liability insurance from the Czech Insurance Office, hunt load.

Wild turkey

Hunting season: 15.3. – 15.4. In the area of our partner we can also offer you the hunting of wild turkey. The ideal weapon for hunting is the small caliber rifle or shotgun.

The hunting possibilities:

Individually with the hunting companion
From the seat, driven, or curls.

Big Game

In the Czech Republic we can offer hunting for mouflon, red deer, fallow deer, roebuck and sika deer, using different areas depending on the game species. We recommend the very successful roebuck hunting near the town Klatovy (hunting lodge in the forest is available). The moufflon hunt takes place in Planicko region – Klatovy county. On red deer we are hunting in a huge former military area.
In addition, there is the possibility of a hunt for other biggame. Driven hunts for fallow deer, sika deer, wild boar and wild boar hunting are practiced in the Czech Republic.


During the hunt you are housed in the hunting lodge Pohori. The rooms each have a toilet, shower, television with satellite channels and WiFi internet connection. Below are the prices as far as it is not already integrated in the hunting price. Dog in the room + 5, -Eur Breakfast incl. Drinks 6, -Eur Lunch incl. Non-alcoholic drinks 10, -Eur Dinner incl. Non-alcoholic Gertänke 8, -Eur Alcoholic drinks are not included in the price.


The climate in the Czech Republic is very similar to that in Germany and is characterized by the transition between an oceanic and continental climate, with temperatures cooler than summer in summer, but winters are not so cold and relative Moisture on. If you have any questions or are interested in an offer of mediation for hunting trips and hunting in the Czech Republic, please contact us via email or contact form.

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer of hunting in Czech Republik, please contact us via email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.