Hunting in Southafrica


Hunting in South Africa, with its vast desert landscape to the west and subtropical rainforest to the east, offers the largest amount of game on the African continent. In addition, Hunting in South Africa is the only country in which all representatives of the Big Five can be hunted. The grandiose and varied nature together with highly professional on-site service make this land a paradise for hunters and nature lovers alike.

South Africa's vast wilderness areas offer diverse hunting terrain, from open savannas and rolling hills to dense forests and rugged mountains. As you explore these landscapes, you'll not only encounter a wealth of game but also immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of the African bush.


In South Africa, we can offer you hunting trips to a huge variety of different game species. Due to the size and location of South Africa, a wide variety of climatic areas are covered in a single country, so that the hunting areas vary greatly from the state to state. The landscapes range from grassy steppes, savannas and hills to valleys with river.
Depending on the desired game species, the farms and landscape can be very different. As some species like Black wildebeest or Eland rather like open areas, Nyala or bushbuck, however, have their debut only in hilly and bushy terrain as in Zululand. In addition to hunting for antelope and warthog, South Africa also has the opportunity to hunt for the big five (buffalo, leopard, lion, rhino and elephant).

Hunting areas

We work together in South Africa with the well-known hunting trip organizers Dries van Koller Safaris and Lungile Safaris. Our hunting areas are located in the provinces of North Cape, Freestate, Limpopo, Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape. These regions are an absolute hunting paradise in which most of the antelope species, such as Eland, Oryx, Kudu, Red hartebeest, Springbok, Blesbuck, Duiker, Blue Wildebeest, Lyre antelope, roan and sable antelope, Waterbuck, Impala, Nyala, Bushbuck, Warthogs, Pinzelohrschweine as well as giraffes, buffalos and jackals can be hunted.

The hunting trip takes place mostly as a footstep hunt which follows a previous trip with the best maintained SUV in the appropriate area. This also makes your hunting trip a very special experience.

Specially available personnel take over after the shot to recover the killed game, so that after the obligatory photo the hunting can be continued unhindered without a long wait by the recovery. This allows an optimal use of the existing hunting days. The high biodiversity in this area is mainly favored by the existing waterholes and adjacent rivers that attract the game like a magnet.

Specially available personnel take over after the shot to recover the killed game, so that after the obligatory photo the hunting can be continued unhindered without a long wait by the recovery. This allows an optimal use of the existing hunting days. The high biodiversity in this area is mainly favored by the existing waterholes and adjacent rivers that attract the game like a magnet.

Plainsgame hunt

We offer in Southafrica a huge variete on species to hunt. The most common is nthe plainsgame hunt which we offer in all areas. Depending on what game you want to hunt we select the proper areas and provinces. We can hunt on all available plains game species that exist in Southafrice. Before the hunt we tailor the trip exactly to your needs and trophy wishes. Beside the standard plainsgame we also offer hunts on more exclusive antilopes like Roan, Sable, Lechwe, Goldengnu and others.

Wildcat Hunting

Another specialty we can do are the cat hunts like Caracal, Serval, Civet and more that we can hunt in different provinces. Depending on the area we hunt them on baits, by driving and stalking or via specialized dogs.

Wild sheep Hunting

A very unique opportunity is the wildsheep Hunting in Southafrica in Freestate. Our partner has an area where we can offer a big selection of different sheep species like barbary, multihorn or damara rams.

Tiny ten Hunting

Many hunters in their life are looking for shooting the big five but beside the big five there is another for some even more interessting and challenging hunt, the hunt for the tiny ten. There are not too many hunters that ever finished the tiny ten, the 10 smallest antilopes of southern Africa. With our partners we can offer this hunt fot all the tiny ten antilopes but this requires some time as these are very special hunts and sometimes can be very difficult.

Biggame Hunting

Southafrica is the only country in the world where you can hunt all different big five animals. We can offer hunting in Southafrica on Lion, Buffalo, Hippo, Crocodil and Rhino. Both my partners have many years of experience in big game and dangerous game hunting. The hunt on the biggame like Elephant, buffalo and Lion is done by hunting on the track as it is also known from the famous hunters in Zimbabwe.

Additional option driven hunting

In addition to the pure stalk hunt and sitting at water points, we also have the opportunity to do a driven hunt for wild boar during a hunt in Freestate. These are European wild boars, which have been spreading in a corn-rich area for several years. The hunts are much smaller compared to European driven hunts and consist of 1-2 shooters to whom the game is driven by beaters from the thick bushes on the edge of dry stream beds.
In addition, there are also options for reduction driving hunts e.g. to participate in Springbok, each shooter has a professional hunter next to him to show the hunter what game to shoot.

Additional option fishing

In addition to hunting in Southafrica, we can also offer fishing in South Africa either as a combination with the hunt or as a separate fishing trip. In South Africa, we mainly fish for carp in the lakes. However, we also have the opportunity to offer tiger fish in Botswana or South Africa as well as deep sea fishing in Mozambique. Further details can be send on request. A perfect addition to your hunting trip. This offer offers a welcome change to your hunting trip.


Accommodations vary by region and camp, from luxurious air-conditioned lodges to beautiful well-designed spacious safari tents or thatched East African-style cabins, all with their own shower area.

Meals and soft drinks are included and the many years of experience of our partner allows you to build an effective logistical support for any destination while you relax to the quiet heartbeat of Africa.


South Africa offers diverse climates in a single country. The climate ranges from extreme desert in the Kalahari on the border with Namibia to subtropical climate in the southeast and on the border to Mozambique. Due to its location on the southern tropic, the climate is mostly sunny and dry. The rainfall over the year decreases from southeast to northwest, and at the same time temperatures are rising. Due to the situation in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to the Northamerican/European ones. The African winter is characterized by cold nights, but temperatures reach up to 23 ° C during the day and 30 ° C in the summer.

Included in the price for the South Africa Hunting trip:

Transfer from / to the airport (Johannesburg / Cape Town)
Hunting guide, food and accommodation
Transport during the hunt and on the farms
Bergen and feeding the game
Basic supply of trophies
German-speaking / English-speaking hunting guide

Not included within the South Africa Hunting trip:

Bookingfee 120 Eur
VAT (VAT) on daily rate
Flight costs to Johannesburg / Cape Town (ca.900Eur)
Packing and shipping of the trophies as well as possibly required CITES documents

If you have any questions or are interested in an offer to hunt and hunting in Southafrica, please contact us via email or contact form.

All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.