Trophies harvested and now?

In a hunting trip, the most important thing is the adventure and the harvesting of the desired trophy. However, this is not enough, after successful completion of the hunt the hunter wants to take the trophy home with him. For this, many steps are usually necessary to organize the transport and the preparation of the trophy so that the hunting success is not impacted in the end by a bad or not at all preserved trophy.

Carrier selection and Transport

For trophy shipping, we recommend Laser Line, which is located directly at Frankfurt Airport and -organizes worldwide transport of hunting trophies.


(Jochen Buchhold)
In der Luxhohl 5,
63303 Dreieich
Phone: +49 (0)69 694501

Range of tasks of Laserline Trophy Services
Application for all documents
– Export Permits / CITES
– Veterinärbescheinigungen
– Import Permits / CITES
– Customs clearance and delivery from door to door.

However, if the prospect has other wishes and ideas, they will of course be implemented.

Trophy Support Northamerica (USA)

Beside Europe we have also connections to trophy carrier in Northamerica who can help you to bring in the trophy from all around the world to USA. Our partner is located in NewYork but can ship all over USA.

Tipps for the Transport

1. If you have booked your trip, it is advisable to contact the freight forwarder before the trip and to inform him of an upcoming shipment
2. You receive a routing instruction from the freight forwarder which already shows the farmer / outfitter on site how and where the trophies should be delivered
3. By the early information e.g. The freight forwarder can already contact the company Laserline on site with the Freightforwarders to monitor the shipment

Trophysupport by Jagdreisen Fabrig

If you do not want to organize the transport yourself, we are ready to take over the work and take over the organization. We cooperate with Laser Line, an experienced trophy specialized forwarding company, which carries out the transport of the trophies and delivers them to their door or to the taxidermist.

Included in the service:

– Organization of local trophy transport from farm / hunt to preparator / freight preparer
– Monitoring the transport process with the shipping company
– Monitoring the formalities of trophy export and import

The cost is 120.00 Eur per hunter plus applicable fees and costs for the forwarder / taxidermist.

Trophyhandling and taxidermy

You can have the trophies prepared in the hunting country or at home in your home country. In most cases it is generally cheaper to have the trophies prepared in the home country as the costs are now comparable in Africa to Europe or North America, however, the transport of the finished shoulder or full mount is a lot more expensive than the pure skulls and blankets are only boiled and salted. In addition to the costs, there are also very long waiting times when the complete work is carried out directly in Africa.

We can discuss the details in advance of the trip. If you have any questions you can contact us via email or contact form.