Hunting in Newfoundland – Canada


We offer Hunting in Newfoundland for black bear, moose and caribou. In the spring, the black bear is hunted here and in the 6 hunting days 1 often even 2 bears are killed. In autumn, the focus is on moose hunting which can be combined with caribiu and black bear.

Newfoundland, Canada's easternmost province, is rich in breathtaking nature, from rugged coastlines to vast forests. Hunting has a deep-rooted tradition in Newfoundland, due not only to the region's abundant wildlife but also to its maritime culture.

Overall, the hunting tradition in Newfoundland embodies a harmonious connection between people and nature, between tradition and nature conservation. The rich wildlife and maritime culture form a unique hunting identity that the people of Newfoundland proudly preserve and pass on.

Moose hunting in Newfoundland

Newfoundland, the most eastern Canadian province, has the world’s highest moose density (2 moose per square kilometer). Our partner hunts on the northern peninsula where density is even higher with 3 moose per square kilometer. The trophy strength is not as strong as in Alaska or Kamchatka but with weights of 5-20kg and horns of 70-130cm are very respectable trophies. The benefits of moose hunting in Newfoundland are the affordable price and the very high success rate.

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Black Bear in Newfoundland:

The black bear is the most common bear species in America. After their hibernation, the bears come out of hiding at the end of May and only have food left in their heads. For this purpose, you visit the well-managed baits of my partner in high frequency especially in the afternoon and evening hours. One to three bears a day is the average.
The hunting season lasts until the end of July, with the big bears appearing from their winter quarters at the beginning of June.

The hunting area is located on the northern peninsula. Accommodation is in a luxurious lodge. There are double rooms with ensuite bathrooms, the lodge has TV, 110V electricity, fax and internet access. Hunting is always Monday to Saturday, on Sundays, no hunting is allowed by law, so Sunday is always the arrival / departure day.

Hunting sequence in Newfoundland:

The hunt takes place from the high seat or a ground screen about 20-50m away from the bait. In the hunting area 23 different spots with baits are prepared which are monitored with the help of game cameras. Black bears are very careful at the slightest noise they disappear in the undergrowth. After the bear has been killed, he is retrieved by the guide and skinned in the camp.

Arrival in Newfoundland:

The arrival in the hunting area takes place by scheduled flight over Deer Lake. In Deer Lake you will be picked up at the airport by a member of our partner and drive to the lodge. Afterwards you will experience the Canadian wilderness on your way north from the airport to the main residence.

Not included in the price:

Handling costs per hunter 170 Eur
Hunting license and game license fees will be charged on site.
Weapon import about $ 50.00 CAD
Trophy transport to the home country
Flight to Deer Lake (about 1300,00 Eur)
Tips, personal expenses
Travel insurance (resignation, health insurance, …)
Potential hotel accommodation before / after the hunt
Hunting guide 1: 1

Included in the price of the hunt:

The hunting costs mentioned in the hunts include the following services:
1. Pick up and drop off to / from Deer Lake (airport)
2. 6 hunting days with hunting guided by a licensed guide 2: 1
3. Full boarded accommodation during the hunt
4. All transports during the hunt
5. field preparation of the trophies & skining, salts)


All offered trips are arranged by us and carried out by our partners as organizers.