Whitetail deer

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Physical characteristics and distribution

Body length: shoulder height 100-110cm
Weight: 70-150 kg
Life expectancy:
Distribution: America, Finland
Habitat: Forests, prairie, swamps, semi-deserts, gallery forests, coastal bushland
Species: not endangered


In winter, the coat is almost tin-gray, in the summer, however, more reddish and above darker than below. Name is the tail, the top is brown, but below white. On the run he is raised, so that one sees a white “escape signal”. Only the males wear antlers. It is dropped after the rut and then formed again. Both antlers are semi-circular forward and outward and usually carry six or seven rungs.

Reproduction and development

After a gestation period of about 200 days, the females give birth to one or two, very rarely also three or four calves. Like many young deer, the calves are covered with white spots at birth.

Lifestyle and behavior

In general, the white-tailed deer is more of a loner than a herd animal. However, this is only partially true, because especially outside the mating season females as well as males find themselves again and again to loose associations together. For males the males look for single females – unlike Wapitis they do not try to entertain a harem.


The Whitetail Deer lives on leaves, grasses, buds, berries, and other wild fruits as well as on tree barks. He has a large number of enemies, in addition to humans especially wolves, pumas, bears and coyotes, and in South and Central America also the Jaguar.

Hunting style, equipment and countries

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