Physical characteristics and distribution

Body length: 115-179 cm
Weight: 30-100 kg
Life expectancy: 20
Distribution: Southern Europe, Asia, Africa
Habitat: mountainous regions and high mountains
Species: endangered


His coat color varies in light and dark shades of brown. Its horns are long, massive and thick, their length can be up to 143 cm. The body size varies depending on the region. The Alpine form has the largest body size, the Siberian form the longest horns, the Nubian form is the smallest species. Ibexes have a small Kinnbart.Die males are larger than the females and their horns are larger.

Reproduction and development

Ibex live in herds. During the mating season, the male ibex provides rank fights for supremacy in the pack. These battles are carried out by clashing the horns. The bucks align themselves here on their hind legs. The crash of these rank fights can be heard very far. Injuries are rare and if so, usually the result of a fall. Capricorn females give birth after one gestation period of about 180 days, more rarely two young. After a very short time, often less than an hour, the young are already able to follow their parents through the mountains.

Lifestyle and behavior

Capricorn, like many goat types, is considered a popular game, especially as a trophy. The home of Capricorn are high mountains and deserts. It occurs in all Central European mountains, as well as in the mountains of Kashmir, Afghanistan and Mongolia and China. It is also found in northern Ethiopia to Syria and Arabia. Capricorns have a hierarchical social system among the males. They live sexually separated outside the mating season. At the mating season there are impressive rank fights of the males.


According to the distribution area, Capricorn is able to utilize almost all plants in its area, including grasses, mosses, lichens.

Hunting style, equipment and countries

Ibex can be found in Asia, e.g. Be hunted in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Europe in Slovenia, Austria, Turkey and Switzerland. The hunting is almost exclusively the stalking and long shot caliber are mandatory recommended.

Hunting trip Countries


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