Gamelexicon Buffalo WIKI

Gamelexicon buffalo WIKI

Physical characteristics and distribution

Body length: 210-300 cm
Weight: 700-900 kg
Life expectancy: 16-20 years
Distribution: Southern Africa
Habitat: open steppes, savannas and bush landscapes but also in livable wooded areas
Species: not endangered


While calves are still densely hairy, the coat becomes sparse with age, and old animals are almost naked. The color is usually black in the steppe buffalo and reddish brown in the forest buffalo, but may also have different shades of brown in both types. Both sexes have bulging horns. The ears are placed under the horns. In the bull, both horns are connected by a bone shield, which sits on the head. Steppe buffalo have much larger horns than forest buffalo.

Reproduction and development

During the dry season, kaffir buffaloes join flocks of several hundred animals. The calves are born after 10-11 months of gestation, at the end of the dry season; With about 2 years Kaffir buffalo are able to breed. A calf is born after a gestation period of 340 days. Male boys stay with their mother for about two years before they have to leave the herd. Females, on the other hand, usually spend a lifetime in the flock where they were born. At the age of four or five, the animals become sexually mature, their life expectancy is in the wild for a maximum of twenty years, in zoos at thirty.

Lifestyle and behavior

African buffaloes live in herds that stay in one and the same territory for years and wander through established routes. The herds mostly consist of females and their cubs; During the mating season, males also join the herds. There are also bachelor herds with juvenile bulls. A herd of steppe-buffalo consists of fifty to five hundred buffalos; Forest buffaloes apparently live in much smaller groups of eight to twenty animals. When multiple males are in a herd, there are always struggles to establish the hierarchy.


Buffaloes feed on grass, fruits and plants in their habitat.

Hunting style, equipment and countries

Kaffir buffalo can be hunted all over southern Africa from Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe to Mozambique to Tanzania. Most buffaloes are hunted on the track in the morning looking for a fresh track and this is then considered as long as the buffalo is reached / are. For Buffalo, the minimum caliber required is the 375 H & H.

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