Gamelexicon blackbuck WIKI

Physical characteristics and distribution

Body length: 120-150 cm
Weight: 35-50 kg
Life expectancy: 15 years
Distribution: Argentina, USA and Pakistan / India
Habitat: open semi-deserts and grasslands
Species: not endangered in Argentina / USA

Lifestyle and behavior

The blackbuck antelopes live in gregarious herds of 15-20 pieces, sometimes up to 100.


Stag-goat antelopes feed on grass and leaves that they find in their habitat.

Hunting style, equipment and countries

The best hunting for deer antelope is in Argentina with a very good wild population even in the wild. In addition, it was introduced in Texas and other states of the United States and can be hunted there in the gate. The hunting is the stalking. For hunting all calf capable of high game are sufficient.

Hunting trip Countries


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