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Hunting areas
We offer hunting in Kazakstan woth our partner. The hunting grounds are located in northern Kazakstan in Kustnaj region on the border with Kurgan. Marked red in the map. Kustanai in Kazakhstan and Kurgan in Russia are the best areas when it comes to Siberian roebuck and every year top trophies are shot.

Hunting sequence

After breakfast, we leave in the morning just before sunrise with the off-road vehicle in the direction of the Great wheat beats and forest islands. Here, on the one hand, the game drive itself is used to search for the bucks, but on the other hand also stalking on striking spots on foot through the small forest islands and field crops. The roe deer can stand both in the small forest islands and in the huge wheat fields. The latter has the advantage that the bucks are partially visible from far distance, but due to the height of the grain make themselves quickly invisible by lowering the head. In addition, the hunt for the bucks in open terrain often requires long shots as the bucks also quickly spy on us. There is usually a break at lunchtime because the bucks are no longer active at this time.

Bock Sibirischer Rehbock Sibirischer Rehbock1
Maral hunt in Kazakstan

In our area you have the possibility to hunt Maral, Sib.Ibex and Sib.Roebuck these are the main game species, also wolves and wild boars are hunted. On Maral (cervus elaphus songaricus) the so-called Teinschan Wapiti (cervus elaphus songaricus) we hunted during the rutting which takes place from mid-September to early October, we try to locate a strong stag, then stalk it on foot. The antlers of mature Marals average 10 to 12 kg. Stronger Maral antlers between 13 and 15 kg, high capital also over 17kg. The Maral stock are outstanding in the Drungary Alatau and in normal weather conditions these hunts are successful. There are well-boarded horses available that facilitates the hunt, of course, but it is also very important that the hunting guest has good condition. You do not have to be a high-performance athlete to successfully hunt for Marale, but you should prepare yourself.

Hunting areas

The hunting area hunted by us is adjacent to China and the National Park of Dschungarija. The game can freely switch between the hunting area and the game reserve. With a total area of ​​95893ha, there is ample room for successful hunting. It is about 9 hours. Car transfer to the hunting area to be expected.


A hunting lodge is used as accommodation in the area, whereby a simple tent camp is used during the hunt. This is an outspoken wilderness hunt.

Special hunting arrangement on Maral


Included in the offer
14 travel / 10 hunting days
Total from / to Almaty, incl .:
All travel transfers
Interpreters per group
Accommodation and meals in the hunting area
Guided tour 1/1
1 horse for the hunt
Trophy export documents
health certificate

Not included in the price:
Processing fee 150 Eur
Flight Europe – Almaty with LH about EUR 730, –
Weapon import EUR 250, –
Non-hunting person (per day) EUR 200, –
Veterinary certificate per wild species EUR 50, –
CITES – permit for Wolf EUR 200, –
possibly hotel accommodation in Almaty
Shipping the trophies
excess baggage
trophy fees

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